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Claims Reporting Information

When you need to report a claim during regular business hours, please call 440-442-5573.
After business ohurs or on weekends, you may wish to report the claim directly to the company at one of the numbers listed below: 

Allied Insurance              24 hour claims reporting: 800-282-1446        Check claim status 

Cincinnati Insurance      24 hour claims reporting:  877-242-2544

Grange Insurance           24 hour claims reporting: 800-445-3030;       Auto glass claims: 800-951-9734 
                                         Submit claim online

Motorists Mutual             24 hour claims reporting:  800-876-8766

Progressive                     24 hour claims reporting:  800-Progressive    Submit claim online  

Safeco Insurance            24 hour claims reporting:  800-332-3226         Check claim status

State Auto Insurance      24 hour claims reporting:  800-766-1853         Submit claim online

Travelers Insurance        24 hour claims reporting:  800-252-4633 Individual Claims
                                           800-238-6225 Business Claims                       Submit claim online
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